Jonathan Wendt 'Virtues and Failings" Series

Each one of the pieces in this series, 'Virtues and Failings', is a one-of-a-kind 'plot' made by a pen-plotting robot, using only one single line! Jonathan's process for creating each of these unique plots started off by feeding the line of text "A portrait of Nikola Tesla, Lord of Lightning, wearing a tuxedo, surrounded by lightning." as a prompt to an Artificial Intelligence (Stable Diffusion for this series), and iterating over it hundreds of times, generating images until he is able to achieve a combination of composition and subject that is worth further exploration. From there, he needs to change that image full of pesky pixels into a set of vectorized directions his robot can follow; this is the step where he creates a design that turns it from a full colour image into something that is made using only a single stroke! With that done, he sets up his choice of paper, ink, and drawing implement, gives these directions over to the plotter to let it do it's incredibly precise handiwork.
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